E-Mail Lock | Best Apps and Games 20 July,2018

E-Mail Lock

Want to hide your mails?
Want to communicate securely?

iPhone 7

Receive many mails which you need to keep confidential?



Want to lock your Mail Apps?

Yes! Its finally here and its totally genuine.


* Hide Mail icon from your iPhone/iPad as per instructions mentioned within this app; (Don’t worry, Mail app will still be there, but just hidden)

iPhone 7s

* Open this app and set your passcode.
* Next time you open this app it will ask for your passcode and once you enter it – Mail app will open (which you had hidden earlier).

* No one will even know where is your Mail app – as it won’t show up in your phone.
* You can access your Mails fully with this app without anyone knowing it.

*** Now emailing is safe and secure !~!

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