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Ear Teacher

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Simply the best way to learn music theory and train your ears!

"Well-thought-out music training application." – Softpedia

"This is a very, very cool tool for music teachers or any Mac user who wants to improve their singing or understanding of music." – Mac360

"Ear Teacher offers a thoughtful, step-by-step introduction to ear training." – Dr. Erik Steighner, saxophonist and music teacher

Ear Teacher combines music theory and ear training into a single beautifully designed application that is easy to use, fun, and effective. Learn music theory with our comprehensive audiovisual course and reinforce your knowledge with integrated exercises. Take tests and view statistics to measure your progress. Practice ear training the smart way with our unique Intelligent Practice, which automatically selects questions based on your strengths and weaknesses. While many ear training application consist mainly of drills, Ear Teacher actually teaches you the concepts required to gain aural skills and keep your ears sharp!

Music Theory Made Simple
• Learn step by step using our 9-grade audiovisual course, designed by expert music teachers.
• Explore more than 500 lessons, exercises, and tests.
• Learn concepts audio-visually, not by reading pages of text.
• Practice skills while you learn with integrated exercises.
• Take tests and view statistics to track your progress and watch yourself improve.

Train Your Ears
• Focus on your weak spots with Intelligent Practice.
• Want to practice something specific? Select from 20 different practice areas.
• Sing or play your instrument to answer many of the questions.
• Get instant feedback.

Find Your Rhythm
• Develop your sense of beat and subdivisions.
• Learn to recognize simple and complex meters.
• Imitate rhythms without seeing the score.
• and more!

Learn Melody
• Develop relative pitch.
• Get better at singing.
• Learn to play melodies by ear.

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• Practice sight-singing.
• Recognize melodic & harmonic intervals.
• and more!

Gain Harmony
• Learn to recognize chords qualities & inversions.
• Gain a better feel for harmonic structure.
• Transcribe chord progressions.
• and more!

Practice Anything
• Pitch Comparison
• Pitch Singing
• Motion Recognition
• Scale Recognition
• Scale Singing
• Interval Recognition
• Interval Singing
• Harmonic Intervals
• Sight Singing
• Melody Imitation
• Beat Tapping
• Note Tapping


• Rhythm Tapping
• Rhythm Imitation
• Meter Recognition
• Arpeggio Singing
• Chord Recognition

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• Inversion Recognition
• Cadence Recognition


• Harmonic Progressions

• More exercises and questions.
• Bug fixes.

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