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Easy Offset

Easy Offset is an easy to use program designed for the HVAC industry that calculates cut joints, ell centerlines, and overall lengths for offsets of any angle. Just enter basic dimensions and the app will do the rest.

Save time and money:
-faster than using a calculator
-improved accuracy
-no multipliers or trig formulas to remember

アスレチックス 対 マリナーズ

-reduces error
-minimize cutting in the field and wasted material
-use any angle
-useful for layout and detailing

Types of Offsets:
-round ells
-rectangular ells with radius heel and throat

iPhone 6

-rectangular ells with straight heel and throat


-round tap on an angle
-rolled ninety
-wye branches

New Features:


-Results can be displayed as fractions or decimals.

-Compound offsets are calculated automatically.

-Additional offsets have been added, including rolled ninety degree ells, wyes with parallel branches and wyes with perpendicular branches.

-Arc lengths have been added showing how much to roll fittings for a given angle.

-A trig calculator has been added. Enter any two dimensions and all other angles and sides will be calculated. No formulas or calculations are needed.

-Diagrams have been improved so that they are easier to read.

– The user interface has been improved to make it easier to use.

Doing these calculations by hand is tedious, time consuming, and difficult. This is an easier way.

Added demonstration video at support website. Click support link for more information.

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