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Easy To Use – Microsoft Word 2013 Edition

Microsoft Word 2013 is latest version of the ever popular Microsoft Word. This brilliant piece of software is used the World over to create professional and well laid out documents and more.

There is so much to learn and so many fantastic things you can do!

This educational and instructional app will soon have you unto speed with its selection of over 250 lessons.

The app has some amazing functions where you can maintain your own learning experience just the way you want it. Organise your lessons, edit your notes and reorder and rate each lesson and so much more!!

Lessons include:
New Features in Office 2013
Word 2013 Getting to Know Word
Word 2013 Creating and Opening Documents
Word 2013 Saving and Sharing Documents
Word 2013 Text Basics
Word 2013 Formatting Text
Word 2013 Page Layout


Word 2013 Printing Documents

iPhone 6

Word 2013 Indents and Tabs
Word 2013 Line and Paragraph Spacing
Word 2013 Lists
Word 2013 Hyperlinks
Word 2013 Breaks
Word 2013 Columns


Word 2013 Headers Footers and Page Numbers
Word 2013 Pictures and Text Wrapping
Word 2013 Formatting Pictures
Word 2013 Background Removal
Word 2013 Shapes
Word 2013 Text Boxes and WordArt
Word 2013 Arranging Objects
Word 2013 Tables


Word 2013 Charts
Word 2013 Spelling and Grammar
Word 2013 Track Changes and Comments
Word 2013 Finalizing and Protecting Documents
Word 2013 SmartArt Graphics
Word 2013 Styles
Word 2013 Themes
Word 2013 Mail Merge

And many many more.

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