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Easy To Use – Microsoft Word Edition

Microsoft Word is the World’s Favourite Word Processing Software and is used by millions around the Globe.

Microsoft Word has many hundreds of features all designed to make your life easy! This app will help you master many of the features and you will soon be up to speed.

Quickly learn how to create professional looking documents by the use format and layout tools.

This app is a unbelievable collection of 347 easy to follow instructional lessons on how to master and get the best out of Microsoft Word.

The app itself has many features aimed at giving you the best learning experience. Take the guided tour and soon you will be able to create favourite lessons, give them a rating or even add your own notes. You can move the lessons from group to group and up and down the running order!

The Lessons are too numerous to list but include:

Basic Tutorial Part 1 For Beginners
Basic Tutorial Part 2 For Beginners
Basic Tutorial Part 3 For Beginnigers
Introduction To Word 2010
Customizing Word 2010 Full Course
Spell Checking Printing Full Course
Paragraph Formatting Full Course
Formatting Pictures Inserting Graphics
Section Breaks Full Training Course
Headers Footers Full Course
Using Watermarks Full Course
Advanced Tables Full Training Course
Styles Formatting Full Course
Text Wrapping Pictures Full Course
Using Columns Full Training Course
Autocorrect Full Office 2010 Training Course
Building Blocks Full Training Course
Advanced Find Replace Full Course
Word 2010 Captions Full Course
Footnotes And Endnotes
Bookmarks Cross-References


Backstage View
Line Spacing Back
Document Basics
Text Basics
Format Codes
Multiple Windows
Basic Editing
Basic Proofing Tools
Setting Proofing Options
Character Formatting
Paragraph Formatting
Paragraph Formatting Bullets And Numbering
Paragraph Formatting Understanding And Setting Tabs

iPhone 7

Paragraph Formatting Borders And Shading


Page Setup
Insert Page Breaks Section Breaks Column Breaks Text Wraping
Readability Statistics
Insert Headers And Footers
Insert Tables
Formatting Tables – Table Properties
Disable Keyboard Short Cuts
Creating Tables 1
Creating Tables 2
Headers Footers Find And Replace Spelling Check
Thesaurus Word Count Symbols Page Layout
Clipart And Formatting 1
Clipart And Formatting 2
Tracking Changes 1
Tracking Changes 2
How To Open Applications


Word Art
Creating Professional Looking Documents

Plus many more!

and hundreds more!

This popular app has had a complete makeover giving the user the ability to configure the app exactly how they want.

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