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Elemental Kingdoms (CCG)

Elemental Kingdoms is a free-to-play collectible card game (CCG) and strategic battle game.
With over 200 cards and runes to choose from, assemble your deck and put it to the ultimate test.
Play against your friends (PvP) and challenge random players to hold the prestige of having the most powerful deck ever created.

OnRPG [5/5]
"Enjoyable and challenging game to play (…) Put a new spin on CCG!"
"More strategic than most trading card game (TCG) I have played" (Bruce, California)
"Remind me of Magic the Gathering, better than Rage of Bahamut CCG" (Thierry, France)
"Gorgeous illustrations. Plenty of addictive card collecting fun."

Join the Northern Alliance and fight against the Scarlet Nation to restore peace to the four Elemental Kingdoms!


– Collect more than 200 different cards in this CCG! Build the best deck you can, to beat over 250 unique challenges!
– Join a clan and battle it out in the all NEW Kingdom Wars (PvP)!
– Over 80 stages to beat, unlock bonus levels, and explore dungeons!

beyond meat

– Enchant monsters and runes and unlock new abilities to turn the tide of battle!


– Daily login rewards! FREE gold and gems just for logging in! Keep it up, and get a super rare card!
– Ranked matches (PvP) to see where you stand against the top players across the globe! Put your deck to test! Improve your deck to reach the top!
– A game constantly updating with new features and new cards to collect!

Elemental Kingdoms is the most strategic card collecting game (CCG) and continues to grow! Will you be a part of the action?

-Fix game crashes issues in previous version
-Improve "Explore 10 times": if you don’t have enough energy to explore 10 times, that button will help to use up all your current energy

iOS 8

-Replace "select all" with "select 200" to avoid game freeze when choosing too many cards or runes at one time

iPad Air 3

-Update daily events rules: One more way to earn Field of Honor Glory every week
-Daily Demon Invasion ranking and last hit players name shows in chatting room after the event.

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