ELSB – Early Literacy Skills Builder | Best Apps and Games 9 December,2019

ELSB – Early Literacy Skills Builder

ELSB Software is a multi-year preliteracy curriculum for students who have not acquired print and phonemic awareness. The software brings to life Levels 1—7; daily lessons and level assessments. The program narrator and main character Moe the frog, take students through lessons that are built to shape mastery of 14 objectives following an easy-to-hard sequence. Objectives include sight word vocabulary with flashcards, syllable segmentation with a tapping game, and print awareness with pointing to text as it is read. Collaborate with each student to create their own unique avatar.

– Added option to disable Lesson/Level chooser dialog at startup and can now just use the automatic settings.
– Updated for OS 10.10

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Snow Leopard

– fixed bug dealing with My Book About Me and voice recordings.

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