Emoji Designer by Emoji World | Best Apps and Games 13 June,2018

Emoji Designer by Emoji World

With Emoji Designer you can get the perfect emoji everytime! No matter what mood you are in, with Emoji Designer, you can make that emoji and truly express yourself! No more settling for just any emoji! Emoji Designer is the only app that allows you to make your own custom emojis!

With over 600+ design options, the unique combinations of emojis are endless!

-=Simple Instructions=-
1. Design Your Emoji (^_^)

2. Save It To My Emojis (^_~)

3. Share Your Emoji! ((^_^)/)

-=In App Purchase Options=-
The Basic Set Is Free To Try!

Design Set 1-3 Are Available If You Buy Them Inside Of The App!

Have fun designing your own custom emojis!!!

-Emoji Designer Team

-=New Free Features Allow You To Create Even More Unique Emojis!=-

1. Move

iOS 8.1

– you can now move eyes, mouth, hands and swag up down left or right!
2. Resize

resident evil 2

– you can now make any piece WAY BIGGER or smaller =)

Besides that we have fixed a bug that showed My Emojis Page and
Done Page at the same time! Btw, we are working hard on

iPhone 7 Plus


version 2.0, so stay tuned! Big stuff coming!!!!

Thank you for the support! Don’t forget to share Emoji Designer!

-Emoji Designer Team

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