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The App is designed to create and fill out all types of forms. It is destined for companies, managements, independents and private individuals.

The application allows you to test the principal functions, so as to evaluate the creation of forms and filling them out. In addition, you have the possibility of purchasing models of forms according to your needs, so as to be able to use them in your daily tasks on iPad. This will enable you to save both time and paperwork.

Functionalities of the application:
1) Creation of forms
2) Filling out forms
3) Filling out forms in PDF format

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4) Electronic signatures
5) Sending forms by e-mail in PDF format
6) Filing forms

Activity sectors for the enneaform application:

iOS 8

For companies and people who fill out forms on a regular basis.

-Possibility to insert calculation formulas in templates to do invoices or offers or other calculation.
-Possibility to log in at Dropbox to save PDF forms to your Dropbox account.
-Two new examples (Invoice and Offer) available.

iPhone 6s

-Possibility to activate examples to use or edit them.
-Possibility to insert background color in templates.

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