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Equipd Bible

I am proud to release the Equipd Bible as a standalone app. The ability to view multiple languages and Bible translations side-by-side was a cornerstone of the former app "Equipd", and this new app takes the previous functionality to another level. You can now add your own notes against verses, bookmark by topic/category, download MP3 files for offline audio and more.

What makes Equipd different from other Bible tools?

It has been optimised to streamline reading and sharing scriptures in different situations – from performing ministry work, to taking notes, or doing personal study. It is especially useful for those who are focussed on helping others who speak a different language or use a different translation of the Bible.

Unlike previous versions, the Equipd Bible is now a specialised EPUB reader.

* Load Bibles in EPUB format from the Equipd website or other approved sources.

* View different Bible versions side-by-side for easy comparison.

* Load multiple languages side-by-side for sharing in the ministry with those from different cultures. Great for language learners.

* Jump from viewing just the selected verses to the full Chapter window to get the full context … and then double-tap to move backward and forward between translations, or swipe to change chapter.

* If you are wanting to read just a single Bible as your main study aid there is also a "Single Language Mode" optimised for viewing just one Bible.

* Multiple ways to look up scriptures, from the 3 scrollers at the top, to the Bible Picker accessed from the toolbar. Optionally "shake" the device or double-tap anywhere on the screen to show the Picker – great for one-handed use on the iPhone. There are many ways to customise Equipd to your liking in the app settings – find out what suits you best.

* Add notes against verses. Choose between different colours. If you "double-quote" a word or phrase inside the note, then it will become a link when reading the verse.

* Import MP3 files for offline audio. In Mobile Safari locate a MP3 ZIP file and "Open in…" Equipd.

* The easiest "Copy" scripture feature you have ever seen. Great for copying scriptures into note-taking apps.

* View Chinese Pinyin, Zhuyin, or Sidney Lau in 2-line format for any Bible that uses Chinese Simplified OR Traditional characters. This is automated translation on the fly. You can toggle between 2-line mode and 1-line mode if you want to hide the characters and just read Pinyin for example. So powerful for those learning Chinese or frequently sharing scriptures with Chinese speakers.

* Bookmark your favourite scriptures, organised by topic or category.

* Quickly view your History of scripture lookups and tap to re-open a scripture.

* Clipboard lookups – just copy a scripture from another document or app, and then open Equipd … Equipd will try and look it up for you!

* A powerful URL scheme so that you can create links to open scriptures in the Equipd Bible from external apps or documents. The Equipd Bible implements the x-callback-url scheme for developers to integrate with.

* Easy backup/restore of verse notes and bookmarked scriptures, with backup reminders.

* Streamlined workflow and screen rotation for all devices from the iPhone 4S to the larger iPhone 6 Plus, and of course it works great on the iPad. iOS 7 or above is required.

* Works with ReadingPlan for Bible Reading Schedules. See the website for details on how to integrate.

Please view the website equipd.me for more details and support. All official support is in English, but community users may offer support in other languages.

I sincerely hope the Equipd Bible app can help you to be "completely equipped for every good work"! — 2 Timothy 3:17.

Website: www.equipd.me


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