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Eternal Fury

Eternal Fury is a turn-based RPG game perfectly combined with SLG genre. Playing a role as an avatar of Prometheus, you will fight against the demons and rule your own castle. You will not only build your castle and city, but also hire soldiers to strengthen your territory, finish quests, or participate in GVG battle among many other things. You will find yourself in an amazing world, dive into the complex story and fight! If you are a fan of SLG games or an enthusiast of RPG games, you will definitely love the combination Eternal Fury brings into the world!

Game Features
√ 3D Rendering Graphic

tropical smoothie

√ Gorgeous Fighting Effect

iPhone 7 Plus

√ Training Soldiers
√ Castle Construction
√ Side-quests System 

Background Story:
Prometheus was a titan. In the war between Zeus and the giants he had stood on the side of the new Olympian gods. Out of the clay he made the first man, to whom Athena gave soul and holy breath. Prometheus spent a lot of time and energy in creating the gift of fire. And fire raised man above all animals. Later, there held a joint meeting of gods and men. The meeting was to decide what part of burnt animals should be given to gods and what to men. Prometheus cut up an ox and divided it into two parts: under the skin he placed the fresh, and under the fat he put the bones, for he knew the selfish Zeus loved fat. Zeus saw through the trick and felt displeased at Prometheus’ favor towards men. So in a masterful way he took away the gift of fire from mankind. However, Prometheus managed to steal fire from heaven and secretly brought it down to men. Flying into a rage at this unjustified act of rebellion, Zeus let the other gods chain Prometheus to a rock on Mountain Caucasus, where a hungry eagle ever tore at his liver which ever grew again. His period of pain was to be thirty thousand years. Prometheus faced his bitter fate firmly and never lost courage before Zeus. At last Heracles made Prometheus and Zeus restore to friendship, when Heracles came over in search of the golden apple and killed the eagle and set the friend of mankind free.

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New Features!

– Sanctum: Players can use Guild Contribution or Balens to open the Blessing ceremony in Sanctum. They will receive lots of EXP through summoning priestesses and blessing.

– Eidolon System: The Eidolon Tree is unlocked at level 43. You can cultivate, fuse and exchange Eidolons in this interface. The Eidolons will help you fight in the war!

– Unlock level 80: Players can now reach level 80 and level 80 Normal, Hard and Expert Dungeons will be unlocked. New maps, new equipment and new monsters are waiting for you!

– Snowy City: Download the level 25 – level 29 Hotfix to experience a snowy wonderland!

– Optimization of God Possessed Attack: There is one attempt to purchase God Possessed Attack in each battle. And there is no limitation to release the God Possessed.

– Time Limited Discount in the Shop: From time to time, there will be items on sale in the Shop.

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