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EverWebClipper for Evernote – Clip Web pages to Evernote automatically

#1 app in Productivity category and #21 app in Top Paid in Japan!

EverWebClipper is the easiest way to clip web pages from Safari App to Evernote. Save the actual web page to Evernote – text, links, images and all with a few taps.

You can clip web pages without inputting the page title and URL manually.

— Feature Highlights —
◆ Various clip styles – Simple, Styled, Only URL

lil dicky

◆ Automatic Clip – You can clip web page by just tapping a bookmark on Safari
◆ Background clipping – You can switch app without waiting clipping
◆ Support for URLs of PDF files

iOS 8.1

◆ Stay signed in – You do not have to sign in to Evernote every time to clip.
◆ Speedy Startup Speed

— About Clip Styles —
◆ Simple

iPhone 6 Plus

Clip web pages as simple format.

[Pros] Easy to read. Short time to clip and small amount of traffic.
[Cons] Page style is not saved.

◆ Styled
Keep the style of web pages as possible.

[Pros] The style is also saved as possible.
[Cons] It is possible that it will take long time to clip and the traffic will be large depending on web page structure.

◆ Only URL
Only URL is saved like Instapaper or Read It Later.

[Pros] Very quick to save because of no need to clip. The traffic is very small.


[Cons] You need reload web pages when you check their contents.

– Fixed a bug on iOS 8.0.3

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