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Everyday Notes Monthly

Everyday Notes is an easy way to journal and keep track of what’s going on in your life. Just write down and remember simple things going on in your life: taking the dog to the vet, crazy idea you had, report coming up, your aunt is visiting next week.

Everything is based on the concept of a regular notebook, just write on the page. You can paste in photos, write in a special todo section, and sync with your calendar. Every day you’ll get a fresh page, plus an outline view to see your week at a glance.


– Notebook experience

iPhone 7 Plus

– A fresh page for every month in the future, and a record of the past month’s events
– Weekly notes overview
– Syncs your tasks history with our todo App: Do it (Tomorrow)
– Integrated photo support


– Full 2-way Calendar integration/sync
– Just swipe to turn the pages

sqdc en ligne

– Cloud sync

Available through In-App upgrade purchase

– Todo List
– Photo library import and photo zoom
– Calendar "notes" integration
– Unlimited future and past days

### NOTE To Everyday Notes FANS! ###

Thanks a lot for your support and for the nice reviews! You are all awesome!
We listen to you and are working on adding features you are missing!
Reviewing the app helps us a lot, so thanks for the feedback and supporting Everyday Notes!

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