Evil Minds: Dirty Charades! | Best Apps and Games 21 February,2019

Evil Minds: Dirty Charades!

Evil Minds is the brand new whole-body word game from those jerks who made Evil Apples!

The goal of Evil Minds is for you and your friends to guess a secret Evil Word based on clues that are either yelled or acted out by each other. The game is played in person with a single phone and has been known to cause players’ teeth to fall out from laughing too hard.

Unlike Adult Charades, Bottoms Up, and Heads Up, Evil Minds features two unique game modes: a Clue Giver mode, and a Word Guesser mode. And with over 900 Evil Words in the game, it never gets old!

1. Gather one or more friends.


2. Hold your phone up in front of you, facing the group, so you can’t see the Evil Word on the screen.
3. Your friends will start to gesticulate and yell clues at you like wild animals, giving you hints until you guess the Evil Word!
4. If you succeed, tilt the phone downward to gain 1 point. If you fail to guess the Evil Word, tilt the phone upward to pass.
5. After the round is over, pass the phone to the next person!

1. Gather one or more friends.
2. Hold your phone in front of you, carefully hiding it so that only you can see the Evil Word on the screen.
3. Begin to gesticulate and yell like a wild animal, giving your friends clues until they guess the Evil Word.
4. Tap Next if you succeed, or Skip if you fail.
5. After the round is over, pass the phone to the next person!

"I downloaded it and the first time I got it wrong my phone fell to the ground and the screen shattered. But I got to see my dad impersonating a gay cowboy."

"So far, I’m loving the hell out of this. Hearing my dad give me clues for teabag and then his girlfriend look at him in disbelief when he went for the urban dictionary definition instead of the Lipton Tea route made my night."

– New feature: Expansion Packs. Yep, you asked for it, we asked each other for it, even my mom asked me for it. Now you can pick and choose what type, and how many Words you want to play with.
– Improved: Free Words. Did you think you’d be stuck with those same old Words forever? No. Now there are hundreds of new free Words.

The number of Words available has also increased to over 1,000 in this update. (ONE THOUSAND!!!!)

Our first Packs include:
– Causes of Death
– Movie Quotes
– The Internet


– 90s references
– Animals (big and small)
– Celebrities


– ..and a bunch of dirty stuff we can’t talk about in mixed company.

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