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Excuses to Meet

Meet new people, share your interests and explore your city. Made in London.

Excuses to Meet is a growing social app making London smaller and a little less scary for blue-eyed newcomers and hardened cockneys alike. It fills the social void that often comes from living in a place where pigeons are easier to talk to than people.

Simply download the free app, choose from an extensive list of excuses to meet and find local people who are looking for similar things. Whether that’s checking out the latest pop-up event, finding compatible flatmates for house-hunting, learning a new language, visiting a new exhibition, or simply finding a wingman/mam to hit the town with, Excuses to Meet can help you lead a more connected life in what often feels like a socially disconnected world.

It’s easy to spend too much time trying to fit into London instead of making London fit you; your interests, your goals, your schedule, your passions. But now you can explore your city, on your terms, with Excuses to Meet.

-The Excuses2Meet Team – Made in London

FYI – If you are not based in London, UK you’ll probably see this message in our app: "We’re currently piloting only in London, we’ll notify you once others join in your area". If you would like to help us grow the app in your town, please email us at [email protected]

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