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Collect information? Sort photos or images? Select idea gems from tons of web pages? Use ExpoBoard.

ExpoBoard is the convenient way to collect and select best photos, images, notes, text fragments. ExpoBoard gives you cork board collection. Drag and Drop your images, texts to the cork board same way you put stickers on real board on the wall. You can drag images and texts from the Finder, Safari, paste them from clipboard. Move stickers and images freely, resize and rotate them, add transparency, group your images and notes visually.

Lastly export collected information in different formats. Images are exported as original files or as collage. Texts from stickers are saved as text files. Apply cropping and set transparent background for boards when exporting.

Use ExpoBoard for visual information gathering, as reminder, as to-do list, as collage maker, as exposition helper.


– Unlimited board collection
– Image transforms (rotation, opacity)
– Export collected images and texts as original graphic files or collage with custom background
– Board background transparency support
– Colors and Opacity control for stickers

yanet garcia


– Opacity and Rotation control for images
– Quick Look support
– Full screen mode support

Snow Leopard

– PDF-images support for better scaling of vector graphics
– Unbounded boards
– Drag and Drop support for images and texts
– Resizing images without losing any quality
– Stickers with rich text formatting
– Smart guides for images and stickers alignment

iMac '24

– Bring to front and send backwards features for any image or sticker

– fixed a bug preventing Export panel to appear on 10.9

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