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Export Address Book: Convert to Excel, CSV and much more

*** Since 2006 Export Address Book has been THE solution for users wanting to export their Mac address book into another format! ***

"This app is deceptively simple yet packed with features. It makes me wish I had more to do than just back up my contacts to Excel."
– Anothercupoftea

"I clicked download in the apple store, then it said it was installed, next I found it in applications and opened it, chose excel, chose all contacts and there it all was – no more steps than that, too easy and all the info is set out properly."
– jaffakatie

"This is a MUST-HAVE for anyone who really relies on their contacts program. … This program does it all: output to V-cards, text, Excel … Best of All it does this with mind-numbing simplicity."

Snow Leopard

– xandra


In short, Export Address Book easily lets you export your local and synced iCloud address book entries from Apple’s Contacts app into Excel Workbook files (.xlsx), CSV files, tab-delimited files, XML files with optional XSLT transformation, HTML table files and customizable vCards.

The app comes with a number or preset export formats (such as "Outlook for Windows"), but you can of course determine the formats yourself and save those as templates for the future.

Export Address Book is continually kept up-to-date and works on all operating systems from OS X 10.6 upwards.


– It recognizes fields with custom labels. Export single contacts, groups or any combination of those. Smart groups are supported, too!

– It lets you decide which contacts and contact fields will be exported and in which order they will be.

– It lets you export phone numbers in a uniform format (can be disabled in the settings if required).

– It can create custom vCards and it lets you decide which info will be put into those vCards.

– It can create an Excel Workbook file (.xlsx)! No more exporting and importing CSV files into Excel only for the file to look all funky and screwed up. Leading zeros, special characters and dates are exported correctly.

– Make your own export templates to use again in the future: Choose from one of the many support text encodings and/or cell delimiters.
… or use one of the many preset export formats we provide!

– It lets you export hidden fields, such as Created on, Updated on, Unique Identifier and Group.

– It supports the "Distribution List" feature of Apple’s Address Book.

Please note that — in contrast to the languages listed here on the App store page — the user interface of the app is localized to English and German only.


To buy the app, click on the blue button that shows the price of the app, located below the app icon in the upper left corner of this page. The App Store will then download the app to your "Applications" folder.

If you have questions or suggestions please contact the author. Please do not use the review system of the App Store to ask questions. There is no way for developers to respond to reviews.

– New property type "Display Name". The format is taken from the settings in Contacts.

iMac '24

– New property type "Contact Type". Can be "Person", "Company", "Resource" or "Room".
– With the new property type "Blank Field" you can now create empty placeholder columns in data files.
– Added a new export template “Outlook 2003 for Windows” which is still required by some stone-aged webmailers.

australian election


– Added a new export template “Contact List”. Creates a plain text file in a “value (label)” format. Import the generated text file into a word processing app and apply some formatting to create a simple address book.

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