External Editors For Photos | Best Apps and Games 20 February,2018

External Editors For Photos

External Editors For Photos adds an extension to the OS X Photos application that allows you to edit your photos with any image editor on your Mac. To see how it works watch the screencast on my website.




– Edited images are saved back to Photos immediately and your original photos are updated in place.
– All metadata will be preserved.
– Open your imported RAW files with your favorite RAW-Converter and replace it with an exported JPEG by dragging it onto the extension window.
– No data lost: You can always revert back to your original files.
– Works even in your book-projects.
– Edited Photos will sync across all your devices.

– To use the extension find a picture in Photos and double-click
– Click the Edit button in the upper right window corner
– Select the Extensions from the icon bar on the right.



– Pressing Enter in the photo overview is a shortcut to switch directly into Photos edit mode.

MacBook Pro

– Also, you can paste or drag any image into the picture frame within the extension.

Have Fun!

© Karsten Bruns