Extra Emoji Icons | Best Apps and Games 17 February,2018

Extra Emoji Icons

We have finally done it! Millions of people know and love the Emoji icons but yet there are some obvious icons that are missing from the keyboard. We have researched which icons are the most requested and implemented them into our custom Emoji keyboard.

The top 5 requested Emoji icons include:

1) Black people


2) Taco’s
3) Swearing finger
4) Unicorns

valentines day

5) Sick face

We have included all of these new icons on our custom Emoji keyboard plus over 100 more. Along with the traditional Emoji icons and our uniquely designed keyboard layout to maximise typing speed, Extra Emoji Icons is the best keyboard on the App Store.

What more would you want out of an Emoji app? Get your hands on all these great new icons today by downloading our app now!

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