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A small but powerful and elegant multi-account email checker located on your status menu bar.

For one reason or another, almost everyone has more extra email accounts besides of your daily used one. This small, stand-alone mail checker can check all of them simultaneously and automatically, so you can keep up with your emails while not having to expend valuable time and energy.

extra’s colorful interface manage them all! With just a glance, you can know how much mail you have and the inboxes that received them. With just a mouse hover, you can see the sender and subject of all your mails, and opening your full inbox in your browser is only a click away.

"Everyone has extra email accounts for social, business, hobby, shopping or some secrets. You will benefit from this app if you have many low activity email accounts or some special personal accounts…"

Features: v2.01

Mac Pro

– convenient operation right from your status menu bar only.
– see inboxes without ever having to click your mouse.
– customizable colorful interface

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– easy account setup – just enter email address and password!
– data is always fully secure, all email passwords saved in OS’s keychain for maximum protection.
– unlimited account monitoring and full compatibility for these popular email service providers:


katharine mcphee


– more providers will be added upon request


– both app’s dock icon and status menu bar icon can be hidden
– automatic email check interval from 1 to 20 minutes

Special thanks to third party components involved:
Mailcore 2
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FXKeychain Version 1.4
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