F Photoloader for iPhone and iPad | Best Apps and Games 18 July,2019

F Photoloader for iPhone and iPad

F Photoloader for Facebook is a software that can upload your pictures to your Facebook albums. In this way, your friends on Facebook can share your beautiful photos taken by iPhone or iTouch.

In addition, you can view your photos in your Facebook account more directly and easily.

Feature list:
1, support uploading multiple photos at the same time;
2, support viewing Facebook photo catalogs and each piece of photos;

iPhone 7

3, support adding new albums;
4, remind you about those photos in your phone that haven’t been uploaded to Facebook;

iPhone 6s Plus

5, delete photos that have been selected but haven’t been uploaded;
6, automatically login Albums;


7, automatically update album;
8, display whether photo upload is successful or fails;
9, set album permissions.

While designing, we give fully consideration to the simplification of interface, convenience of operation, and quick browsing, etc, so that you can use this application contently and smoothly. It is surely a most practical photo processor!

support iOS6.0, iPhone5 or iTouch5

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