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FaceСrypt Pro Password Manager – Secure Data Vault

Phone memory can be an open source of information revealing your private information if the phone is lost or stolen.

Cyber security threats make it imperative to keep your private information away from hacking and FaceCrypt provides you with the ultimate encrypted protected area in memory that only you will ever be able to access.

Passwords, bank details, photos, documents, web browsing and any other information you need to protect – FaceCrypt is the only personal and business data app you will ever need.

FaceCrypt also includes live facial recognition, Touch ID support and additional locks to make access to your vault, fast and ultra secure.


• Multiple access methods – Biometric Facial Recognition, Touch ID, Pattern and Password protection


for personalised and customisable locking methods
• Biometric Facial Recognition – ‘live person’ detection for added security

• Optional pattern match and password protection – for further and additional security

• Choose Vault Boxes – select from a choice of box styles to manage passwords, photos, documents or customise with your own criteria
• Password generator – Automatically delivers strong and random pass codes as well as strength tests your current codes
• Industry strength and secure encryption – 256-bit blowfish to protect your FaceCrypt data vault


• Embedded browser with autofill – securely surf and logon to your favourite web sites
• Create, edit and maintain – documents, codes, files and images securely within our highly customizable datavault including Icon generator
• Full backup and restore – of your data vault without compromise to the encrypted content
• Unlimited entries – be assured of the usability and gain confidence like so many of our happy FaceCrypt users

Vault Boxes

• Passwords – powerful password manager, never lose your passwords again, simple customisable data fields + embedded browser with autofill, password generator
• Cards & Credentials – store all your private files, credit cards, bank details, original documents, completely customisable data fields to create a database
• Documents – import, create and store documents – no database
• Photos & Videos – import, create and store all your private pictures with customisable folders
• Notes – create private notes

FaceCrypt is free to download and provides data vault service where user data (passwords, photos, videos, documents, notes) is stored in encrypted way with useful features of password generator, icon creation tool, subscription based backup service called ‘Backup 365’. Users are able to subscribe to backup service ‘Backup 365’ which provides various auto-renewing subscriptions depending on storage amount:

100Mb storage of FaceCrypt ‘Backup365’ backup service – $0.99 monthly
1Gb storage of FaceCrypt ‘Backup365’ backup service – $1.99 monthly
2Gb storage of FaceCrypt ‘Backup365’ backup service – $2.99 monthly
5Gb storage of FaceCrypt ‘Backup365’ backup service – $3.99 monthly

sheryl crow

10Gb storage of FaceCrypt ‘Backup365’ backup service – $4.99 monthly


20Gb storage of FaceCrypt ‘Backup365’ backup service – $6.99 monthly
50Gb storage of FaceCrypt ‘Backup365’ backup service – $13.99 monthly

What the reviewers say:

• New York Post – “FaceCrypt is on the forefront of burgeoning new trend that cyber experts say is starting to swell”

• Cnet.com – “Apple’s fingerprint technology is pretty cool, but FaceCrypt blows it out of the water with #selfie security”

• The Sun on Sunday – “App of the week!”

• MailOnline – “FaceCrypt – one of the best 40 apps of the year (office category)”


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