Facebook Secure | Best Apps and Games 22 February,2019

Facebook Secure

Ever worried about somebody using your iPhone, iPod or iPad and accessing to your Facebook account?

NEVER AGAIN with Facebook Secure!!! The best way to protect your Facebook account.


* 4 digits passcode protection.

* Auto logout! If you don’t navigate in Facebook in a period of time it will automatically logout and lock with your passcode.

* Auto lock! Don’t worry if you left the application running in the background. It will always ask for the passcode on every access.

* And more!


iPhone 6 Plus

Please notice:

* This app is based on Facebook’s mobile web.

* This app is not affiliated with, or endorsed by the Facebook in any way.

* The login information is saved encrypted locally in the device. We don’t transmit any data to our server.

* Now supporting Landscape mode!

jeremy corbyn

iPhone 6s

* Graphic interface improvements

iPhone 7s

* Minor bug fixed

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