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Facebook Symbols ッ

* Facebook login issue mentioned in the reviews is fixed with the update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

*This app doesn’t request any irrelevant permission. We need permission to access your friend lists so that we can let you post to your friend’s wall. Everything is done by Apple’s and Facebook’s rules. So, please ignore the privacy concerns in the recent comments.

The MOST comprehensive Symbols app

Facebook Ⓢⓨⓜⓑⓞⓛⓢ 4 ⓘℙℍⓄℕℇ

has just become better! so many beautiful symbols, UNIQUE features, seamless Facebook integration, very easy to use keyboard, this is the ONLY symbols app you need!

Note the DIFFERENCE! These symbols are not picture attachments, they display as part of the text!

These symbols are COMPATIBLE with EVERY browser and mobile device!


iPhone 7 Plus

Look at the screenshots, and you decide!

PLEASE BE ASSURED that your login information is utterly safe. The authentication is handled by Facebook framework, and we are not interfering it at all. It’s between you and Facebook.




NOW, enjoy our app and let everyone know, so that whole Facebook experience will be re-invented!

– Upgraded from Facebook SDK 2.* to 3.*

iOS 8

– Fixed post-to-wall functionality
– Design updates

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