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Facebook Twitter Checkin

Because it’s all about location, location, location.

From the developers that brought you iLOCi2, GPS Tracking and GPS Camera

Facebook Twitter checkin is the fastest and easiest way to “check-in” and stay connected to everyone in your contact list, Facebook and Twitter.

What’s cool about Facebook Twitter checkin is with the push of a button, you can post your current location and a message to all of your friends on Facebook and Twitter or your contacts by email.

It’s a very quick and easy way to stay connected and update everyone on where and what you are doing and who ever receives your check-in doesn’t need an app to see them, they are sent by e-mail.

A lot of other apps want you to check in when you get to a coffee shop with others that have the same app, but not Facebook Twitter checkin. You can send a check-In to whom ever has an e-mail address.

In today’s world where it’s all about checking in and staying connected, this app is great because not only is it easy to use, one button and everyone on your list will be sent a message and a map, so they can see where you are and even get turn by turn directions to come meet you.

Your Boss, your Grandma, your old collage buddies or all your FB friends- with one push of a button they will know where you are and what you are doing- this is absolutely the best way to stay connected and “check-In”

What are you waiting for checkout Facebook Twitter checkin Today?

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