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FaceBubbles makes keeping up to date with your Facebook friends quick and easy – you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your desktop.

Every time a friend posts on Facebook, a bubble appears on your desktop containing the entire post, letting you quickly and easily catchup on the latest news and gossip.

The beauty of FaceBubbles is that you no longer have to keep refreshing your Facebook page, instead of you going to your friends, your friends come to you.

Making Comments on Your Friends’ Posts

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* Reply to your friends in an instant, by clicking the back-arrow icon within the bubble.

Showing You Like a Post
* Give the thumbs up to a post by clicking the tick icon, or click it again to un-like.
* See a list of those who also like the post at the end of the bubble.

Following a Post
* If you are interested in a particular post, click the star icon to ensure a bubble appears each time a new comment is made. If you no longer want to follow a post, just click the star icon again.

Watching Videos Within the Bubble
* If your friend has included a YouTube video in the post, you can watch is straight away from inside the bubble.

Getting the Bigger Picture


* Expand the bubble to the center of the screen by double-clicking near the border. Double-click again to shrink it.
* An expanded bubbles lets you see bigger videos and photos and lets you see more comments at once without scrolling.

Viewing Things in Safari


* The >>> within a post represent links. Click on the links to view the associated web page within Safari.
* Click on a persons name to view his or her profile in Facebook.

By default bubbles remain onscreen until they are closed. However it is possible to configure bubbles to automatically close after a period of time. This option can be found in the application’s preferences. It is possible to stop a bubble from closing automatically by clicking on it.

Normally only one bubble is shown on screen at once, however it is possible to configure up to 3 bubbles to display on screen. This option can be found in the application’s preferences.

By right-clicking the application’s dock icon you get a number of options:

Posts from now – Only shows posts from now onwards and fades out all existing bubbles.

Posts for today – Only shows posts for today and fades out all existing bubbles.

Posts since yesterday – Only shows posts since yesterday and fades out all existing bubbles.

Posts for last 7 days – Only shows posts for the last 7 days and fades out all existing bubbles.

Added support for OS X Lion sandboxing

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