Faceless VPN Connection | Best Apps and Games 15 May,2019

Faceless VPN Connection

Faceless.me VPN creates a secure encrypted tunnel from Your mobile device to any website You visit. No matter where in the world You are, it will seem like You are browsing the web from the country where our servers are located.

Benefits of using Faceless.me:

– For new users 1Gb/month FREE!!!


– Security for hotspot surfers
– Anonymous web surfing
– Offshore IP address

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iOS 9

– Unblock all websites"

With Faceless.me You get:

1. Online Privacy: hide Your real IP address so that no one is able to track what You do online and which files You download;

2. Internet Security: with our traffic encryption You can safely connect to any WiFi hotspots and not be afraid of any hackers or online criminals stealing Your passwords or data;

3. Unrestricted Access: unblock any websites or services that are blocked in Your location (office, school, university) and get access to any region-restricted content no matter what country You are in.

– The app has new design and improved usability;


– "VPN on demand" technology is now included;
– Added new section with detailed information about Your account (check its status, expiration date and bandwidth);
– You can easily share Faceless.Me with Your friends using our built-in social sharing buttons, or rate it at App Store.

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