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Fake GPS – Fake location for iPhone and iPad

The only Fake Location app that has live radar for Pokemon. Download Now!!!

Trick your friends into thinking that you are visiting another country. You can be in Rome, London, New York or simply anywhere in the world. It’s simple and great fun to trick people with.

After you enter a city, you can even search for new Pokemon in your city. See below how it works.

How Fake GPS works?

iPhone 6s

1. When you first launch the app, select the Country you wish to show you are visiting. You can close this window anytime to go to the map screen. From the map screen just enter the name of a city in the search field.

iPad Air 3

2. Select the city.
3. Select a location
4. When you select a country, the app will provide a list of available city,this will make it easier if you don’t know any city names of a country.
5. Click on a location, then select Share button to share this location.

How Pokemon Maps works?
When you first launch the app, long press on a specific location of the map and please wait for some seconds for the app to screen the area in order to display available Pokémon of your city.

If the map takes you out of your location, force quit the application and relaunch. If the map does not show any Pokemon, go to the center map of your city this is where generally Pokemon are spawn.

Turn on the Switch on the top right so the app can alert you when a new Pokémon is making its appearance on the map.

When the notification appears on the top in a black screen, tap on and the app will get you to its location. Easy catch!!

Click on Menu button to access the settings. This is where you can show distance of available Pokémon, the Time it is appeared on the map or when it will be disapear.

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Note: This app does not change the gps location of your device. The app will point to a random location in the city of your choice so you can trick your friends pretending being in a different city.

The data used in Live Radar is all user submitted and completely safe. We never interact with Niantic servers. We are not associated, affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Niantic or the Pokémon Company. We do not hold the rights to any copyrighted material.

Fixing critical crash when search for non available cities on maps.

iPhone 7s

Improving performance for iOS 9.3.5

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