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FamilyInSafe: family locator, messenger and checklist


It’s great to see you interested in FamilyInSafe. This is probably the best application for family and friends communication. It was designed to:
– share locations

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– send instant messages

iPad Air 4

– create checklists and share them

By the way, FamilyInSafe app is FREE. Now and forever! Invite friends to your hub and use core features without any charges!

OK. It’s time to give you little bit more details about what you’ll get using this app.

Your family hub

Imagine your home. There only you and your loved ones. You can talk to each other, discuss something, share your thoughts, tasks and other stuff. Did you imagine this place? Good. FamilyInsafe app is your home online – your family hub. Invite only people that matter and stay close to them no matter where you are.

Location sharing

Your location is always private. It’s accessible only for you and your hub mates. No one else will see it. For sure.

Continued use of GPS running in background can dramatically decrease battery life. FamilyInSafe app use smart location tracking technology which is very accurate and battery-friendly. So you don’t need to worry that your phone will turn off when you need it most.

We use GPS tracking to get the most accurate phone location and display it on map. You’ll be able to see where your loved ones are and what places did they visit today or few days ago. Let’s call it family locator – locate your family and find your peace of mind.

Another very cool feature is geofencing. Choose specific place like supermarket, set up geofence and get instant notification when somebody from your hub enter or leave it. Family tracker will help you get things done just in time and with your friends help.

Your family comunicator

You probably already use some popular messengers. How many contacts do you have in your list? How often do you send messages to the wrong people? Install FamilyInSafe free messenger and forget about this problem.

No wrong people, no strangers, no spam or ads. Only you and your loved ones. Create group or private chats, send and receive instant messages.

By the way, you can chat with Marvin (our awesome cat-helper) 🙂 Anytime. Have a question? Ask the cat! Will be great fun!

Checklist and tasks sharing

We’re very proud of our to do list app. FamilyInSafe task manager is powerful and very simple at the same time. Categorize your tasks, discuss them in the chat and get things done together.

You plan to go shopping? Great! Create checklist to not forget about anything. Need some help? Share your tasklist with family and friends. Simple!

So what is FamilyInSafe? This is family locator, task list and instant messenger – all-in-one app. Give it a shot and you’ll understand what we are talking about.

Stay close, have fun and keep your family in safe!

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