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Fanpage Boost: Get Likes & Fans for Facebook Pages

"Want to get a serious boost without spending huge amounts on advertising campaigns? Then try our App of the Day: Fanpage Boost." (, Oct. 2016)

"You can easily invite the users that already liked your posts to also like your page and keep them as your customers. This doesn’t cost a thing and you will not need to spend huge amounts in advertising." (, Oct. 2016)

• Get more likes / fans

Getting people to engage with your posts is hard enough. With Fanpage-Boost you can now get maximum benefits of your hard work, by simply inviting people, who liked your posts, to also like your page. It has the potential to increase the number of page fans without you having to spend money on advertising. You get continuously more likes – for free. The best about these potential new likes is, that they will come from people, who have already signalled interest in your page by engaging with your posts. Users who like your posts, do have a genuine interest in your contents – basic mathematics.

• What does Fanpage-Boost do?

Fanpage Boost will invite people, who have liked your posts, to take the next step and also like your fanpage by sending them an invitation, that will make it super easy for them to do so. The App will automatically scan your page contents and invite those, who are not following your page yet. You can sit down and relax a while – Fanpage-Boost will do all the work for you.

• Note / Privacy:

– Fanpage-Boost is not a property of Facebook Inc.

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