Farm Slots™ – FREE Las Vegas Video Slots & Casino Game | Best Apps and Games 9 February,2019

Farm Slots™ – FREE Las Vegas Video Slots & Casino Game

***Now the #1 Free Farm Style Casino Game in the App Store***

Fun, excitement and cute! Welcome to Farm Slots!

Everyone has a farmer dream, so do slots players! In Farm Slots, by playing slots, you can:


* Grow and customize your farm
* Fulfil orders to collect coins
* Produce goods by machines


* Experience the endless possibilities of living off the land

Gorgeous graphics, smooth animations, fantastic bonuses and atmospherical sounds guarantee a premium slot experience.

Farm Slots is especially designed to give you the experience of Vegas slots on your iPhone/iPad.

If you LOVE slots, there’s no doubt you’ll love Farm Slots.

Player comments:
I absolutely love this game. You not only play the slots but get to do a lot of extras as well. I like that you have to fish and mill food or pop popcorn. – Kitty
My boyfriend and I play all the time! We love it! – Crackedbutterfly
I really like playing the farm slots and having a purpose for playing the games is pretty cool too! It’s not just one thing or the other it’s a great combination! – Sandrat1960

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This is more than a slot game, you have quests and it is lots of fun. – Debra

Farm Slots 2.0 Update:
1. Added Vegas Town, unlockable at Level 105.
2. Updated tutorial.
3. Added a new feature that lets you multiply the value of your purchases.
4. New Valentine’s Day promotion:
Part 1: Little Charlie is giving out Hearts in exchange for gifts. Hearts can be sold for coins or exchanged for gems in Part 2 of the promotion.
Part 2: Hearts collected in Part 1 can be given to Rosie in exchange for gems (Hearts are worth more than standard farm produce).
5. Facebook Login window no longer pops up automatically.

Écoles fermées

6. Increased level cap to 115.