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Fatal Fight

The Fang Kingdom has been torn by clash of clans representing various schools of martial arts. Hundreds of years ago, the head of the White Lotus Clan gave his own life to stop the blood-shed and bring peace to the kingdom. But now kung fu master Kai, who came down from the mountains after a long meditation, finds his own village destroyed by ninjas from the Clan of Shadows, and his family and friends – killed. As the sole survivor of the White Lotus Clan, Kai turns to ancient gods with a prayer for revenge. His kung fu is filled with magical powers, but what will be the price of this divine intervention?

NOTE: The advantage of Fatal Fight among competitive action and fighting games, is that it has extremely simple and addicting game play – tap right or left. With the unique 1:1 response fighting system players will feel the immediate feedback of every tap. An inspiration for gameplay was PC version of "One Finger Death Punch" and inspiration for special effects was "Mortal Kombat" game. Fatal Fight was designed mainly for boys, but girls can love this game too, so just install, no matter you’re a boy or girl. Our game is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to play or download Fatal Fight. Because game is extremely addictive and contains bloody scenes.

– 1 Hero
– 5 original locations
– 10 unique fighting skills
– 50 levels with more to come!

Steve Jobs

– Innovative 1:1 response game-play mechanics
– And thousands of enemies with a various kung fu styles.

Coming soon: (Please, donate)
– Survival mode

Recommendation for getting 3 stars:
In order to earn the maximum number of stars you will need:
– Do not miss
– Do not get hit
– Pick up all weapons as soon as possible
– Use right set of skills

iPhone 6s Plus

– Tap as soon as enemy will be in your hit range, so fast so good

P.S. We are a team of indie developers, please help us to make this game better for you and donate us. All donations and income from game will be spent only for supporting this game and adding new content to the game. Thanks for choosing us!

– Changed logic for Boss rounds, now every fight with bosses is unique

iPhone 6 Plus

– Decreased price for the first gate to 20 stars
– Added feature to disable ads

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