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Fate of Mortal(MMORPG)

Fate of Mortal is a XianXia fantasy themed Action Role Playing Game, with Millions of people online every day. It is the most classic MMORPG with three years of dedicated work, which has been presented to Chinese players all over the world. No matter where you are, you can play this game with your friends. A real Massively Multiplayer Online RPG awaits you in Fate of Mortal!

● Key Features:
1、An amazing real-time ARPG with top-notch graphics render quality.
2、A variety of different characters, a mighty and hairy uncle, kawaii little girl, hot babe, etc.
3、Two opposing forces. Join one of them, summon your friends, and the war has begun.

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4、Combo skills, battle tactics, pet aiding, and clean and clear UI ensures smooth and easy controls.
5、Whole new cross-server duels, be the celebrities, and forge your own golden statue!

Now,The game which name is《Fate of Mortal》,
It will take you to a world that is mysteries.

From the furthese corners of the world where the miraculous strength still hold sway.

I give you …《Fate of Mortal》

Game and Reality.
Fate and Chance.
Degenerate and Resist.

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Be Common or Be Hero?

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The way we must go.

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