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With Favafone on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you save big on international calls and text messages. Favafone is free to download and easy to use.

• Call wherever you are with no roaming charges
Call wherever you are – over WiFi, with great sound quality, no roaming charges and uninterrupted service.

• Save when calling international numbers and sending text messages
Directly from your phonebook, over 3G* or 4G*, call and text phones anywhere in the world with Favafone’s great rates.

• No ads
Favafone is completely free and does not have any ads.

• No hidden cost
Favafone’s calling rates are low and have no hidden extra fees. All you need is the app and registration.

• Build-in tunneling prevents VoIP calls blocking

iPhone 6s Plus

Favafone uses a private VoIP tunnel that works around blocked VoIP ports, and ensures your conversation privacy.

• Full integration with existing contacts
Access and manage your stored Contacts from within the Favafone application.

• Account balance information
Your account balance is always just a glance away.

• Current call cost information
During call, cost information is always displayed on the screen.

• Destination rate lookup
Prior to dialing a number, easily lookup the cost per minute for the destination.

• Conversation recording
Record your conversation with just a touch of a button, and later replay and manage the recordings in the application or on your local desktop computer.

*Data plan required when calling over 3G or 4G. Operator charges may apply.

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Fresh new look!

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• New sleek design
• Updated in call menu
• More In-App purchase options
• Improved ‘at a glance’ dial-pad screen

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