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Fax from iPhone – send fax app

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a powerful fax machine! Scan any documents with advanced document scanner and fax them anywhere in the world in few taps!
Scan and fax contracts, receipts, any kinds of documents, paper notes, schedules, timetables – anything you might need in your day to day life.
Store your scans as multipage files, create documents with images from Camera Roll and fax them over when needed!

Built in advanced scanning algorithms allow image enhancement, shadow and noise removing, automatic perspective correction and more.

Junk your huge fax machine and start using Fax from iPhone!

Key Features:
– iOS 10 full support

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6 Plus

– Powerful fax machine
– Advanced document scanner
– Image processing with enhancement and color correction, noise removing and more
– Create new documents with images from Camera Roll and fax them over
– Create documents with camera


– Send faxes in 90+ countries

world series

– No fax machine or dedicated phone line needed
– Deep integration with iScanner app

– iOS 10 full support;
– Some minor improvements;
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