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FC Trade Center

This app is for those Pokémon X and Y players that are tired of searching the web for Friend Codes with the so wanted Pokémon. The problem in the forums and sheet lists in the web is the uncertainty that the FC’s person that have the Pokemon that you want would add you back. With our app this chance is increased thanks to our search algorithm!
The app comes with some unique features:

++Smart Search:
Our algorithm was made to benefit everyone. Thinking of that, when you search for a Pokémon in the app, automatically our algorithm seeks for someone who wants (according to his/hers wishlist) any Pokémon that you have on your Friend Safari. With this logic you get what you want and vice-versa.

++Offline Trade:
Based on your wishlist, you can be found by our algorithm and receive a new Friend Code with a Pokémon. This feature only works if you have some Pokémon added in your wishlist.

++ Convenience:

iOS 8

Along with the previously features, this app is a convinient way to find Pokémons because you only receive Friend Codes that have what you want and vice-versa, becoming most likely to add each other.

What are you waiting to catch’em all?

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iOS 9

This app or its developers has none relation with Nintendo or Pokemon Company. This is an independent project.

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