FC2Talk | Best Apps and Games 20 January,2019


FC2 Talk is an App that lets Users message and chat with friends for free!
Thanks to the GPS feature you can find other members around you,

iPad Pro

or even send your location to friends.
All in all, it’s a great new way to communicate with others!

– High-Quality Talk Function
FC2 Talk gives Users the ability to message their friends for free
with decorative pictograms.
Take photos and share them instantly with the location info and


Chat with others using the Group Talk feature!

– Find Users around you via GPS


Using FC2Talk with GPS you can find other users around you
as they display on your map.

Not only that, you can protect your privacy with the Block User function
and place restrictions on your location’s publicity
to avoid any of the more troublesome characteristics of communicating with others.

– Constantly Improving

iPhone 7s

FC2 is continually adding more features and functionality to FC2 Talk.
Each update will hopefully make FC2 Talk even more enjoyable.

*This Service uses GPS feature. In case it works in the background, the battery may drain pretty quickly.

Increased functional stability

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