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Feeder is a fully featured application for creating, editing and publishing RSS and iTunes podcast feeds.

Feeder can create, download and import RSS 2.0 and iTunes podcast feeds with full support for the iTunes RSS podcasting extensions. Drag and drop enclosure files to create new items, Feeder will automatically tag audio and video files with artwork, etc in all popular podcast formats. Feeder makes editing your feed a breeze with auto-complete, templates, HTML tag insertion, previews and a customizable user interface that easily adapts to the task at hand.

Feeder can publish to FTP, SFTP, FTPS, WebDAV or Amazon S3 servers and will upload the feed, artwork and enclosure files, post to the weblog and share new content on Twitter and Facebook with a single click.

– Fixed a hang that can occur when scrolling the sidebar when a lot of feeds have favicons

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– Fixed a problem where ping services removed when the list was reset wouldn’t be removed from feeds that used them.

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– Reverted the change in 2.5.10 to remove dots before the file extension in online filenames.
– Updated SFTP software.

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