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Field Service Assistant

Field Service Assistant is a contact management program for Jehovah’s Witnesses. It manages calls, placements, and calculates volunteered time.

Features Include:
• Start/Stop timer.
• Sort by Street, Name, Date, City, Zip, Day, Offer

david foster

• Custom field support (RBC time, miles, tracts, …)
• Manage and categorize up to 12 offers

iPhone 6 Plus

• Autofill values in time entry screen
• Multiple user support
• Email reports to three addresses
• Text message reports
• Daily time log, monthly and yearly time totals
• Synchronize contacts to host computer
• Map calls
• Get directions
• Create and manage notes
• Set monthly and yearly goals
• Custom definition of *any* column
• Send and Receive contacts.
• Settings->FieldService for monthly report settings
• Settings->FieldService to set appearance/theme
GPS solution for areas without street addresses
• Email backups
• Email backups to other devices to sync calls


• Locally stored backups

Please visit for detailed instructions.

**** Important ****
Some reviews have claimed some features are missing such as adding an extra field for RBC hours or assigning a call as a study. These features are actually present. Unfortunately, there is no way to respond to reviews to be of proper assistance. Please visit to learn how all of the features work. Thanks!


Lots of small bug fixes!

There is a roadmap of potential future plans for this app that take considerable effort, but it’s not clear if people find it useful enough to continue development.

If you like the app, please review it, the feedback is really appreciated!

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