Finger Derpy | Best Apps and Games 14 December,2018

Finger Derpy

Run your horse with your derpy fingers!
* New Way to Control: Tap two fingers like running little hooves. Just like controlling a canoe, only it’s a horse.
* Solo Mode: How far can you run? Dodge barrels, spotlights, turtles, cars, drums, and more!
* Unlock New Breeds: Each breed has its own special power such as Smash and Time-Slow!

ellen degeneres

* Upgrade Your Steed: Find Gold Roses and get Permanent Upgrades for your horse!
* Party Mode: Have your own derpy, 4-Player horse-races on a single device! 7 different tracks!

iPad Air 4

* Customize: Pick your ridiculous horse names, jersey silk styles and colors!

iPhone 7


How horse-racing used to be, back in the good ole days.

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