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FingerCAD HD

"FingerCAD HD" is the first CAD application for technical drawing with fingers assisted by computer. With "FingerCAD HD" you can draw houses, bridges, planimetry of apartments, mechanical components, geometrical figures, everything that can be designed with a common PC CAD. Useful to the engineers on construction site, architects, surveyors, designers, students etc.. The design possibilities with "FingerCAD HD" are endless and all this using your portable device, comfortably seated or standing at work. The ease of use makes it a very useful and versatile. The final design can be saved using standard formats (ex. DXF) and can be sent via e-mail or printed. The zoom and pan, the customization of the drawing, the common cad tools, autosaving and the ability to continue operations even in subsequent sessions of use (at boot the "FingerCAD HD" will load automatically design files saved in the previous session of use), possibility of inclusion of measures and free text makes it truly unique. Each brushstroke is treated as a separate object. It can then go back in time by removing the objects from last to first (also in subsequent sessions of work), select and remove the undesired parts, manually remove the incorrect drawing objects. The "automatic acquisition of nearest vertices" facilitates the drawing of adjacent graphics objects and the function "2x" allows you to draw walls (double line) automatically (you can specify thickness of the wall as desired). The three RGB components, alpha transparency, the freehand drawing, the ability to fill an object with colors, the color palette, the color picker, in addition to the normal functions of a CAD give the ability to add manual graphical effects at the overall design (also with freehand drawing).

SELECT, COPY AND MOVE for design objects (also from one layer to another one).

PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE orientations.

HIGH PRECISION OF DRAWING: "dynamic drawing preview – under finger " when you draw it appears upper left in the screen. So you can see exactly where for example the final point of a line will be placed (observing the preview window that is the area of drawing under the finger).

AUTO-PAN for work area: if you reach the border of the screen, FingerCAD shifts automatically the work area so you can draw longest lines – you have not to use the "zoom out" to draw long lines.

.OBJ 2D and 3D export routine: load the CAD design into 3D modeling softwares such as Blender, Maya 3D, Finger3D, etc…

DXF export/import for AutoCad, qCad, SolidWorks, etc…

PDF export.

File formats conversions:
– from DXF to OBJ
– from DXF to PDF
– from DXF to IMAGE (JPG,PNG)

3D models can be displayed directly using the "FingerCAD 3D VIEWER".

DROPBOX / iDisk file sharing (IN and OUT – cloud storage)

Ability to import dxf files from a WEB LINK and from an EMAIL ATTACHMENT.

Ability to PRINT the design (using AirPrint).

With "FingerCAD HD" you forget your CAD for PC … Try it!

Other features:
CAD (computer assisted design)
– Walls with adjustable thickness
– Snap to control points
– Free text can be added
– UNDO/REDO for the graphics objects, from last to first
– Selection and possibility to delete selected objects
– Autosave
– Grid

iPhone 6

– Snap to grid
– Adjustable grid
– Labels indicating the finger position on the cad area

Steve Jobs

– Measures (selectable unit of measurement)
– Design multi-layer and multi-floor
– The selected objects can be moved or copied from one layer to another layer or from a floor to another floor
– Preview of other layers in the current layer

chanelle hayes

– Scale and rotate
– Extend
– Trim
– Send with an email the generated .dxf, .obj, .pdf files (email attachment)
– Ability to share .dxf, .obj, .pdf with other installed apps
DXF part library (architecture, communication, electrical, electronics, mechanical, misc, processing, templates, zipf_libs)

* iOS 8.3 compatible
* Performances optimization
* Battery duration optimization: decreased the power consumption (30%)
* A better design for the interfaces
* Simplified the design procedure to draw joined objects (better SNAPS TO THE NEAREST CONTROL POINT)

iPhone 6s

* Minor bugs fixed

New FingerCAD documentation and video tutorials are available at URL:

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