Fingers of Fury | Best Apps and Games 12 November,2018

Fingers of Fury

Only your deadly fingers stand between you and death.

perth glory

Enter the Diabolical Dojo and defeat wave after wave of axe wielding thugs in this Endless Kung-Fu brawler from the makers of CounterSpy.

EXPLOSIVE KUNG-FU – Defeat waves upon waves of Axe Wielding thugs, battling against escalating attack styles.

iOS 8

SIMPLICITY IN ACTION – Intuitive 2 tap controls…be like water my friend….
YOUR JOURNEY IS THE REWARD – Make your way through multiple gorgeous dojos, try not to harm the civilians.

iPhone 6

FRIENDS ARE THE BEST RIVALS – Beat your GAMECENTER friends scores in the in-game leaderboard by mastering the punch combo system.

Bug fixes and polish.

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