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FireSync Shift Calendar

Not merely a fireFighter shift calendar, a full-featured calendar app. Before you buy another firefighter shift calendar ask yourself:

1. Do you have to pay an annual subscription for the calendar? Not with us! We support firefighters by letting you keep more of your hard-earned money. Is there a better way?

2. Is it also a full-featured calendar app? FireSync isn’t just a firefighter shift calendar, it’s also a full-featured calendar app that fully integrates with your device’s calendars. FireSync events are saved to your calendar and can be seen on other device’s using the same calendar account (e.g. phones used by family members). FireSync is more than a good firefighter calendar. It’s a good calendar app period!

3. Will you find yourself staring at the app for 15 minutes just figuring out how to use it? FireSync has a sleek modern design that is intuitive to use.

!!! SHIFT SUPPORT !!! FireSync supports any 24-hour shift schedule that repeats on a predictable cycle. When you first start the app it will query our server for the current version of our predefined fire departments. If you don’t find your department listed you can easily define your own shift schedule using our highly intuitive shift editor. You can even send us your shift schedule in a couple taps so that we can add it to our list of predefined shifts. This will help others in your department.

Other Features:

1. Ability to add and track ordinary events, trades, overtime, comp time, benefit days, incidents and training.

2. Sleek reports that give you the info you need at a mere glance. You can easily email your reports.

3. The ability to view your calendar in a year view, month view, month-list view, or day view.

1. Minor Bug Fixes

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iPhone 7


2. Increased Thickness of Shift Bars for Better Visibility

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