Fist of Fury | Best Apps and Games 14 December,2018

Fist of Fury

“A brilliantly addictive abstracted brawler, Fist of Fury deals out compulsive kicks in every bite-sized playthrough” – Pocket Gamer

Fist of Fury is a martial arts guru game about the balance between zen meditation and fierce fight. Be fast. Be fearless. Be flexible. Empty your mind and be shapeless – like water. Forget about yourself and follow the opponents’ movements. Train harder, punch faster, unlock new epic heroes and try their exclusive power-ups.


melvin gordon

iPhone 7 Plus


– 21 heroes with unique abilities
– 6 locations to fight in


– gameplay video recording and sharing options

This update fixes the critical issue that might reset the game progress and/or IAP status.

In addition to the critical bug fix this update brings a few other minor bug fixes, including those related to to the 64-bit platform migration.

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