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Flash SMS Class 0

Convenient and funny the sim-free application Flash SMS allows you (in most cases) to send really amazing full screen real SMS.

Flash SMS "Class 0" SMS are handled differently regarding recipient operator and smartphone.
For example for a recipient :
in USA with "American Telephone & Telegraph" or
in UK with "3 UK" / "Virgin" / "Orange" / "T-Mobile" or
in Germany with "O2" or
in Australia with "Optus" …


and an iPhone as recipient, the SMS will be :
-> Delivered directly on full screen

chelsea fc

-> Not stored on SMS
-> Only with a "Dismiss" Button
In the worst case, it will be handled as regular SMS with Flash SMS as sender (or even a short number if the recipient operator change it)

When you bought the licence, you will have 10 credits.


The credits required per sending depends of the destination country.
You can use your app on other iOS (iPad, iPod…) with same credits with your own iTunes account.

A good way to have fun buy amazing your contacts and gain time.

◉ Japanese localization
◉ Local hours in history

iPhone 6s

SMS template (which will be updated regularly)
◉ Iphone centered rendering
◉ Copy old SMS from history area

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