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Flexcil – PDF Annotate, Note Taking, Study Notes

"Featured app selected by Apple Editors – App Trends 2016, Apple Pencil Enhanced, New App We Loved."

Whether you’re doing homework, reading school papers, researching documents, or looking through PDF textbooksー use Flexcil! Flexcil is an easy to use, annotation and note-taking tool. Simply highlight by pen gestures and capture images and text on the study-note by pen gestures! Save time transcribing summaries by gestures on study-note with your touch pen or Apple pencil.

You might be more comfortable using a pen and paper for studying right now, but once you download Flexcil, you’ll become more efficient and less stressed! Say goodbye to tired wrists, tedious underlining and boring note taking.

We created Flexcil with only one purpose in mindーto make your school work EASY and FUN.



• Seamlessly highlight and underline text
• Summarize and organize your thoughts, texts and notes

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

• Instantly open any PDF for reading and studying
• Zoom in to read small text
• Organize and manage your books AND notes

• Drag and paste text flawlessly

iOS 8

• Smooth Image selection
• Reading and pen gesture mode – FLEXCIL EXCLUSIVE
• Search the dictionary for any definitions you need

• Simulate real life note taking by using your Apple Pencil
• Through our 3-step process we guarantee you will never have any touch malfunctions

• Improved the tiring, old-fashioned way of writing which results in wrist/palm pain
• Comfortable for all users of any age!

Flexcil welcomes your opinions and interests to improve our app into a valued service.

PDF gridview UI

iPhone 6

• File search, sorting
• Study-note reference navigation
• Folder management

darren collison

• Exporting annotated PDF
• Annotated object navigation
PDF rendering performance enhancement

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