Flip Run: Second Wave | Best Apps and Games 18 September,2018

Flip Run: Second Wave

You are a pixel cube running in a grid tunnel, as the game spins around and techno music plays you need to set your focus on flip-moving away from the obstacles. The grid background is flashing all the time in various colors and the whole game goes faster and faster!
Try to don’t lose your focus or getting too dizzy! How far can you go?

– Awesome hardstyle soundtracks!

Mac Pro

Free fall, Clean life and Tunnel Vision is three of them, more to come.

– Increasing difficulty as the music plays!

aurora stock

It may seems to look easy but it’s harder than you believe to lose your focus.

– The flashing gaming makes you dizzy!
Not just the spins in the games makes you dizzy, the flashing and the annoying grid background is a pain too.

– Play from normal to expert hardstyle speed!

MacBook Air

Start easy and learn how to become a master.

– Unlock new colors and achievements!

Snow Leopard

Ten available colors, five to unlock and a lots of achievements.

Simply tap screen to flip side.


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