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Flo Hydraulic Calculator


This is the most flexible and thorough hydraulic analysis app you will find in the App Store, with 48 different calculations for 14 structure types.

No other app gives you as much flexibility when it comes to selecting which variables to solve for, completing every calculation with ease, efficiency, and most importantly, accuracy.  Using Flo Hydraulic Calculator you can calculate:

Circular Pipe – Solve for flow, normal depth, diameter, and slope.

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Rectangular Channel – Solve for flow, normal depth, height, width, and slope.
Trapezoidal Channel – Solve for flow, normal depth, width, and slope.
Gutter (Uniform and Composite) – Solve for flow, cross slope, road slope, and spread.
Weir (Rectangular, V-Notch, Cipolletti, and Generic) – Solve for flow, length, angle, and head.

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Orifice (Rectangular, Circular, and Generic) – Solve for flow, height, diameter, area, and head.
Elliptical Pipe – Solve for flow, depth, and slope.
V Shaped Channel – Solve for flow, depth, and slope.

Nationally recognized method’s of design are used for all calculations such as the Federal Highway Administration’s Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 22 (HEC-22), and the United States Bureau of Reclamation Water Measurement Manual.

•Unique User Interface, custom number pad for faster input
•Optimized for the iPhone 4 retina display
•Color coded text fields guide the user, immediately showing what variables are required to execute the calculation
•Detailed information pages show the meaning of every control and variable on the screen

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•Manning’s roughness coefficients for all materials
•All formulas that are used to run the analysis are shown in the information page
•Supports all calculations in English (US) and S.I. (Metric) units. Also on the fly conversion of any calculations to English or S.I units
•Create analysis reports with a click of a button and email to anyone
•2D Water Depth Animations for all structures

Throw away your pipe wheel, nomographs, overpriced hydraulic analysis tools and download Flo Hydraulic Calculator now.

Updated for iOS 5.0

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