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Flooring Designer

Building on the success of Flooring Designer DIY, Flooring Designer is now available in a version made especially for flooring professionals!

Ranked in the "This Old House" Magazine Top 100 Best New Home Products 2012!

There are many ways to layout flooring. Depending on the layout of the room things like the shape of the rooms, the number of connected rooms, the type of material, and the direction you want to run the flooring can make your project use a significant amount of material.

Flooring Designer will use a room plan that you draw in the editor and Flooring Designer will find the best solution to minimize the amount of materials. If it saves you less than one square yard of carpet or 4 square feet of tile (and we know it will) then the software will have more than paid for itself!

Flooring Designer has all the features of the DIY version with the addition of:

– Supports curved walls
– Photos can be taken from a camera enabled iPad and associated with Rooms and Stairways
– Material amounts of Carpets with a length run pattern can be calculated with reuse

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– MyProFloor.com account holders can securely backup measuring projects

Designer Features:

– Wizards to design rooms and flooring types
– A simple tap and edit approach to modifying walls, doors, closets, etc
– Easily interconnect rooms to build a complex layout
– A popup help system that guides you along the way to using the software features

Layout Features:

– Applies a fast algorithm to determine how best to cut the materials to minimize materials and maximize material reuse.
– Automatic layouts for underlay if needed

iPhone 7 Plus

– Automatic calculation of required grout and adhesive
– Automatic calculation of subfloors
– Generates layout for Carpet on Stairs

Reporting Features:

– Generates a flooring summary report that fully details the measuring project, photos and the materials required for the project


– Email Report from the device

iOS 9

– Printing Report

For the price of the app, you really can’t go wrong!

See myprofloor.com for more information

– added "What If" layout calculation for comparison of results using differing flooring materials.
– layout calculation performance increase
– bug fixes

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