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Floorplans Pro

Floorplans is the most powerful and user-friendly floor plan creation tool available for the iPad.
Its intuitive, polished, and seamless interface makes creating floor plans on-the-go a breeze.
Simply swipe your finger across the screen to draw a room.
The PDF compatibility and annotation features make this app truly indispensable, allowing you to import existing plans, add notes, and export via email.
Floorplans is the perfect app for: APARTMENT HUNTERS: Calculate exact square footage in seconds.
BROKERS: Turn floor plan sketches into beautiful, hi-definition floor plans.
FURNITURE SHOPPERS: Figure out if that sofa will fit before you buy it.
APPRAISERS: Create detailed, professional floor plans.
ARCHITECTS/CONTRACTORS: This CAD tool is far easier to use than any other currently available for the iPad.
FEATURES: **** Measurements can be displayed in both Feet and Meters **** Create New Floor plans or Import Existing Files • Import PDF, JPG, and other file types.
• Turn low-fi images or sketches into crisp, high-definition floor plans.
• Calibrate the dimensions of the imported floor plans.
• Draw or add notes to existing floor plans.
• Create new floor plans from scratch with a few swipes.
• Manipulate walls with ease.
Draw angled walls, curved walls, and complex rooms.

iPad Pro

Add Rooms, Furniture, and Measurements • Add furniture and structural elements such as doors, windows, and staircases.
• Use the predefined furniture collection.
• Edit dimensions to match a specific furnishing.
• Calculate square footage of a single room or an entire apartment.
• Measure any distance in the floor plan.
• Plan seating arrangements for parties.

iOS 9

• Design office spaces.
Export to PDF, JPG, and Floor plans Native Format • Send beautiful PDF floor plan documents to your clients via email.

eurovision 2019

• Print floor plans using your AirPrint enabled printer.
• Post floor plan JPGs to your website.
• Exchange native floor plan files between you and another user.


——————————————— IMPORTANT NOTE: For a version of Floorplans that supports iOS <= 5.0 please search for Floorplans Classic.

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